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Nemesea is a female fronted gothic rock band founded by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist Hendrick Jan de Jong. in September of 2002 at the conservatory in Groningen. Subsequent recruits were second guitarist Martijn Pronk, bass player Sonny Onderwater, Steven Bouma on drums and Berto Booijink on the keyboards. After recording a 3 song demo Nemesea debuted live as a support act for After Forever. After that Nemesea signed a deal with the small local label, Ebony Tears, in September of 2003. They immediately got to work writing songs and music. Their debut album, Mana,  was recorded in Febuary of the following year in various studios. The impressive vocal stylings of Manda Ophuis received great praise with the release of their first album. Nemesea again toured intensively with After Forever but also did a lot of headline shows which gained the band a great deal of attention and dedicated fans, not too mention rave reviews.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Mana 2004 – The first full length album by Nemesea. The first thing I noticed about Nemesea was that they sould like a cross between symphonic rock and hard rock with definite gothic influences. Manda Ophuis has a lovely crystal clear voice. Furthermore the band has a six person choir who sings back up on this album. As if that wasn’t enough then there’s there is the beautiful symphonic bombast to add more power and speed to the songs.

In Conclusion
Nemesea is one of the new up and comers on the scene that I think has what it takes to keep going. I’m looking forward to more of their music, especially Manda’s clear and lovely vocal stylings!


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