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Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion

Stream of Passion is a progressive metal band with symphonic metal influences that was founded by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Marcela Bovio. After Dutch Guitarist/Composer/Producer Arjen Anthony Lucassen had finished with his latest endeavor, The Ayreon rock opera known as The Human Equation, he wanted to do two things. The first was to showcase the many talents of Mexican singer Marcela Bovio who was one of the vocalists on the Ayreon album. The second was to form a band for the first time in ten years. To form the band, Lucassen used the Internet to tap into the numerous talents that reside all across the globe. This brought together Dutch drummer Davy Mickers who is an incredibly skilled drummer, Lori Linstruth an amazingly skilled female American guitars residing in Sweden, Mexican pianist Alejandro Millan, and Dutch bass player Johan van Stratum from the Rock Academy in Tilburg. The band’s creative juices were flowing to and fro between computers stationed in all corners of the world, recording, writing, and matching up musical ideas to form songs. The end result was as diverse and driven as each individual band member. Blending mysterious gothic vocals, metal guitars and atmospheric trip hom, with haunting pianos and live celli and violin quartets. The album Embrace the Storm was released in the fall of 2005 through various labels. Three of the bands members left after the release of the album in order to persue other avenues, Lucassen himself left in order to devote himself to a new Ayreon album. Stephan Shultz and Eric Hazebroek took over the guitars and Jeffrey Rivet took over the keyboards. Stream of Passion has continued to write music and they are working on another album. In 2006 they released a DVD named Live in the Real World.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Embrace the Storm 2005 – The debut album of Stream of Passion. This album is a mixture of heavy rock and classical music. Combine that with Marcela’s poetic lyrics overlaying the music, the album conjures images of dark haunted corridors with windswept maidens in flowing gowns, dark angels, and the coming storm. Essentially all the classical elements of a gothic romance. With Marcela’s beautiful voice and haunting physical loveliness, it’s not a real stretch to the imagination. The music truly takes you away from mundane reality to a darkly lush and beautiful world.

In Conclusion
The violin influence of this album elicits a dreamy sigh from my lips. I am a sucker for beautiful violin music. I think that anyone fond of symphonic metal, hard rock, and light gothic music will adore this album. Those familiar with Lucassen’s work will also not be dissappointed by the combination of traditional instruments with hard rock. I don’t think it’s going too far to say that this is Melodic Rock at it’s finest.


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