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Krypteria is a power metal band from Germany. Founded in 2001 by Chris Siemons, Frank Stumvoll and S.C. Kuschenerus, the band originally wanted to do fantasy musical cds with interchanging female vocalists.  In 2003 their debut album, Krypteria, was released. One year after this there was a big flood in India and the German TV station RTL asked them to take Liberatio as a benefit. They decided to take Korean singer Ji-In Cho as their lead vocalist for the band.  In 2005 their second album, In Medias Res, was released. Shortly after the release of In Medias Res, Ji-In left the band to try to become a popstar with No Angels. Having failed she rejoined Krypteria. There was big hype in South Korea about their second album and their single Victoriam Speramus became number 1 there. Their next recording was an EP entitled Evolution Principle. It was released in 2006. On January 19, 2007, Krypteria released their third full length studio album. This album is their latest release and also their first to bear an English title, Bloodangel’s Cry. It is a entitled after one of the tracks, The Night All Angels Cry. It will be followed by a tour. Bloodangels’s Cry is thus far the bands greatest success and has won them much acclaim by their peers.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Liberatio 2004 – The benefit album by Krypteria. This is the first album that I got my hands on and I was very impressed with this group. I was skeptical of the sound of this band due to it’s name alone but was very pleased that it was not a heavy dark gothic band. Instead I found a wonderful power metal band with alternative rock undertones. Ji-In Cho shows herself to be a very competent and fun singer who will only continue to grow in her craft as time passes. The musicians are quite good and best of all, they sound like they are having fun.
  2. In Medias Res 2005 – The second full length studio album by Krypteria. It’s hard to go wrong with Gregorian Chants and this album certainly has them. Ji-In’s lovely voice seems to soar on this album. I think one of the things that I like best about this album is that the songs are not full of darkness and depravity. Ji-In’s vocals are catchy and hopeful.
  3. Bloodangel’s Cry 2007 – The latest album by Krypteria to date. This album has a slightly harder rock sound to it than their previous work and Ji-In’s vocals have taken on more of an operatic style allowing her to truly explore her range. With this album I  begin to understand the many comparisons between Ji-In Cho and Amy Lee for both ladies have a lovely vocal range, but Ji-In’s voice is still of a lighter almost playful quality on many of the songs on this album.

In Conclusion
I have found myself listening to Krypteria again and again over the last few months, essentially on and off since I purchased their work. Their songs are catchy, their music is  fun to listen to and Ji-In’s voice is lovely and catchy. Furthermore it is nice to listen to a band that can manage to sound hopeful and cheerful while most bands are going for the darker edge.


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