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Midnattsol is a gothic metal and folk metal band from Germany and Norway. Midnattsol itself means “Midnight Sun” and in legends it was the time when mystical creatures such as Trolls, dwarfs, and Elves would come forth. Singer Carmen Elise Espenaes, the sister of Leaves’ Eyes front woman Liv Kristine, and guitarist Chris Hector founded Midnattsol in 2002. They were soon joined by former Penetralia drummer Chris Murzinsky, keyboardist Daniel Fischer, guitarist Daniel Droste and bassist Birgit Öllbruner. Their common ground  being a mutual affection for Nordic mythology and composition. Their sound is essentially gothic metal, yet there lies some folk influences in their melodies. Their lyrics are largely based on Norwegian folk tales. The band recorded their first self titled demo featuring the songs Desolate and Dancing in the Midnightsun at Mastersound Studios. Only a year after their formation they began to attract attention from several record companies resulting in the band’s current deal with Napalm Records. Whether it was Carmen’s voice, her emotional lyrics, or the melancholy guitars Desolate ended up as the number 1 on the Metal Charts at download portals such as and has since received over 4,000 hits. Midnattsol then began to attract the attention of the music media, specifically Orkus, Zillo, Metal Heart, and the Canadian metal magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles. In addition Carmen made a guest appearance on the Leaves’ Eyes track Into Your Light and it made the pages of a Norwegian paper long before the release of the official Midnattsol debut. She was also invited to go on tour with Cradle of Filth as a background vocalist on their Nymphetamine World Tour but she had to decline the offer in order to focus on completing the Midnattsol debut. In the end it was worth the heartbreak. Their first full length album, Where Twilight Dwells, was released in 2005 and was the restult of months of hard work. They have been working on another album which is due for released sometime in the first half of 2007.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Where The Twilight Dwells 2005 – The first full length album by Midnattsol. Though often compared to her older sister, Liv Kristine, I believe that Carmen Elise Espenaes has a huskier and lower octave voice more liken to a mezzosoprano while Liv Kristine has a higher range and a sweeter sound. The husky octaves of Carmen Espenaes help to take the listener on a journey through the dark, mysterious and ultimately epic landscape of Scandinavia’s rich culture.

In Conclusion
More! I enjoyed their first full length album and now to be simple about it, I want more! I have ever been a fan of what is normally described as Celtic music. Midnattsol is not Celtic, yet it shares some of the folk characteristics of Celtic music that I have ever loved. Furthermore they add metal along with their folk music and telling of ancient tales to create a marvelous creation. I look forward to the next album.


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