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Leaves’ Eyes

Leaves' Eyes


Leaves’ Eyes is a symphonic metal band with folk metal elements from Norway and Germany that was assembled in 2003. The band was assembled shortly before singer Liv Kristine was fired from Theatre of Tragedy. Leaves’ Eyes was formed by her husband, Alexander Krull and members of his band Atrocity. The band combines atmospheric metal and classical elements. The vocals of Liv Kristine are occassionally backed up by death grunts from Alexander Krull, but most of the time Liv sings alone. Their debut album, Lovelorn, was released in 2004. Their second album, Vinland Saga, was released on May the 30th of 2005. The Vinland Saga album tells the tale of the discovery of Vinland aka North America by Leif Erikson. The EP Legend Land was released on June the 2nd of 2006 as a follow up to the Vinland Saga album. It was Liv Kristine who thought of the band name. Leaves is connected to nature and nature itself has been one of her biggest inspirations. Liv Kristine writes all of the bands lyrics. Leaves’ Eyes are currently working on their first DVD, with a as yet unknown release date. They supported Blind Guardian on their North American tour in November of 2006. They are scheduled to tour with Kamelot and Fairyland as well as King Diamon and Kreator in 2008. They are also appearing at the 2007 Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Lovelorn 2004 – The debut album by Leaves’ Eyes. This album tells the tale of, I’m sure you’ve guessed it, love. It’s a sensual and mystic love story that unfolds with the help of some heavy doom guitars and a few more relaxed rhythmic sounds that culminate into some moody songs. A few of the tracks showcase the expert growls of Alexander Krull, backing up leadsinger Liv Kristine, who has a heavenly voice.
  2. Vinland Saga 2005 – The second album by Leaves’ Eyes. This is probably my favorite album by Leaves’ Eyes thus far. It’s a really well put together album and come on, how many albums can you pick up that tells a story about Viking’s going… well a viking. The music is beautiful, epic and bombastic and Liv’s voice truly shines as she tells the tale of Leif Erikson founding Vinland.
  3. Legend Land 2006 – The EP release to follow up Vinland Saga by Leaves’ Eyes. This little mini album picks up where Vinland saga seems to have left off, so to speak. Liv’s voice is still very lovely on this album, but the songs do not have the same flourish and epic bombast as on the Vinland Saga. This album is slower going.

In Conclusion
Leaves’ Eyes! This is an excellent band. They are very talented and have proven they are more than capable of telling interesting tales with just the right kind of flourish. In truth I bought Vinland Saga first and then I learned that they had produced Lovelorn first and that Legend Land came after Vinland Saga. Needless to say I bought the two and tried listening to them in order.


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