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Tacere is a new Finnish melodic metal band with both female and male vocalists. From huge dramatic episodes to touching melodies and catchy choruses, Tacere has found a way to combine the best elements of the differing metal sub-genres, combining them together into a new and unique melodic metal sound. The band has been compared to other metal acts such as Therion, Nightwish, Dream Theater, Within Temptation and Sonata Arctica to name a few. Still it is very apparent that this band follows it’s own distinctive path. Tacere’s front man, Karri Knuuttila, originally created Tacere as his own solo project, but very soon it became clear to him that the only way to achieve his visions was to have a full band around him. He started gathering other artists and had his first full line up by the very end of 2002. This line up featured only male vocalists which suited the band for a time. But in the spring of 2003 the very talented and beautiful female singer, Helena Haaparanta joined the band completing Karri’s long time dream of creating a band with unlimited possibilities to create very unique songs and atmospheres. Finally after several demos, a plethora of live gigs and a record deal, Tacere’s long awaited debut album, Beautiful Darkness, was finally released in February of 2007.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Beautiful Darkness 2007 – The debut album by Tacere. The arrangments by this group is interesting and the compositions are attractive with some strange keyboard effects. Vocalists Karri Knuuttila and Helena Haaparanta share lead in almost equal amounts and both have a wide range of vocal styles. Karri from clean and melodic to rough and growly. Helena from sweetly haunting to ranchy rocking. Each of them brings something to the mix that creates a certain element that when combined makes the music seem complete.

In Conclusion
Tacere is a wonderful new band. I love their blend of metal genres. They have everything that I love in a metal band… catchy riffs, lovely choruses, fantastic solos, melodic harmonies, guitars, symphonic, melodic and soaring keyboarding and of course marvelous bass.


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