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Lunatica is a Symphonic Metal band that was founded in Switzerland in November of 1998. The first songs, written by Alex and Sandro, built the foundation of this band. After a long search for a lead singer they found her in 2001. Her name is Andrea Dätwyler. She possesses a beautiful voice that captivated the rest of the band. She immediately recorded the lead vocals for the debut album Atlantis which was released in 2001. Atlantis proved very succeful and as a result Lunatica was booked for many concerts and festivals. Playing at Metaldayz Festival, which is the biggest metal open air festival in Switzerland, Lunatica was elected “Best Newcomer Band” and gained a larger fan following. For the second album Fables & Dreams the band worked with the successful producer Sascha Paeth. He is known for productions of Rhapsody, Kamelot, Angra, After Forever, Edguy, and Heaven’s Gate. Sascha Paeth helped to create the powerful production experience that Lunatica desired. This allowed their songs to become better developed and the band had more time to compose and arrange the songs, something they had not had the time to do for their Atlantis album. Fables & Dreams was released on February 16th of 2004 and it directly climbed to the thirteenth place on the Swiss Internet Charts. Even Three months later Fables & Dreams was still among the top 100 of the Swiss Selling Charts. The band released their third album The Edge of Infinity in September of 2006. In 2009 they released New Shores.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Atlantis 2001 – The first album produced by Lunatica. Andrea Dätwyler’s voice is rugged and powerful on this album. This album has a lovely use of guitars and drums. I love the symphonic sound that this album possesses, particularly the first two tracks.
  2. Fables & Dreams 2004 – The second album produced by Lunatica. Once more Andrea Dätwyler’s voice sound powerful and compelling. The album sounds better produced than their previous album.
  3. The Edge of Infinity 2006 – The third album produced by Lunatica. They sound as if they have figured out what works best for them on this album for several elements of the past albums appear in the musical chords, yet the band proves that they are willing to play around and have fun with the music. Andrea’s voice is as powerful and compelling as it was on the first two albums.
  4. New Shores 2009 – The fourth album by Lunatica. Fantastic album! This album was worth the wait. Some of the songs are obviously pop influenced while other’s are clearly symphonic metal. Andrea’s alto vocals are crystal clear on this album, and the differing musical styles make this album worth listening too.

In Conclusion
If you like Symphonic Metal bands but you don’t want to listen to high soprano female vocalists, then Lunatica is worth listening too. I find them a pleasant break from the high soprano female vocalists, even though I do like the soprano vocalists. New Shores is one of those nice albums that I know I will be listening to again and again.


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