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Em Sinfonia

Em Sinfonia

Em Sinfonia

Em Sinfonia is a atmospheric gothic metal band that was founded in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It was founded in 1999 by former Broken Hope members. They were guitarist Brian Griffin, violinist Sean Baxter, and drummer Larry DeMumbrum. Em Sinfonia started out as a doom gothic metal musical collective featuring numerous alumni of the Chicago heavy metal scene. These included vocalist Paul Kurh of Novembers Doom and Subteranean Masquerade fame and bassist Mary Beilich of Penance and Novembers Doom. Em Sinfonia’s 1999 debut LP entitled In Mourning’s Symphony featured female vocalist April Domet who had previously worked as a blues singer, guitarist Rob Stephenson, and keyboardist Rick Alexander. In Mourning’s Symphony contained four songs that were eight minutes in length. They changed their lead vocalist before the release of their first proper album. In 2001 they released Intimate Portrait, their first proper album. This album contained a female vocalist called Bunny who has been announced as the new front lady of the band.

Albums (That I Own)

  1. Intimate Portrait (2001) – First album by Em Sinfonia. I decided to give this group a try primarily due to it’s ties to Novembers Doom, a band that I have heard a bit of and kind of like. While I liked one or two songs on this album, for the most part this album did not stand out in my mind. I am not fond of Bunny’s voice. I think she might be better suited in another genre than Gothic Metal.

In Conclusion
In some ways their music has the sort of atmosphere that puts to mind older My Dying Bride music. I think I would give this group another chance if they got a new lead singer. She’s not bad, but I just don’t think her voice suits this genre.


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