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Naio Ssaion

Naio Ssaion

Naio Ssaion

The Slovenian rock band, Naio Ssaion began in 2003. They formed out of a band that most of the members had been in together since 1999. In 2003 Naio Ssaion was officially formed and by the end of that year they began working with producer Dejan Radièeviè in Tivoli Productions (Ljubljana) to recreate the vigorous energy and exceptional power of their live act in a digital framework. Naio Ssaion’s first release, entitled Numedia, was sung solely in Slovenian and was released in April of 2004 by CPZ Publishing. Simultaneously, Naio Ssaion released a self produced video for the track N.SS which received extended airplay on Slovenian television. N.SS soon became one of Slovenias most frequently played songs and stayed at the top of the charts for several weeks. The album quickly climbed to number 14 in the Slovenian album charts, while the band reached number 5 in the 2004 newcomer charts. The spring of 2004 proved to be an exciting time for Naio Ssaion, as they participated in Newcomber 04, and international new talent competition held in Graz, Austria. The band took home the first place trophy and went on to repeat their victory in September of the same year at AlpeAdria 2004 in Monfalcone, Italy. Naio Ssaion started out as a live band and so they have always made live performances a priority, playing a vast number of concerts including a show in Austria opening for Pink on July 17, 2004. This chance of a lifetime was a turning point for the band and the beginning of an international music career that prompted them to sign a worldwide recording contract with Napalm Records. While working on new material for their upcoming debut, Naio Ssaion remained quite active, shooting a second video for Bla Bla, a song which along with N.SS was nominated for the song of the year award in Slovenia, and playing live which included a performance in support of the Finnish virtuousos, Apocalyptica. In 2005, Naio Ssaion completed work on their Napalm Records debut album to be released on the twenty-fight of November 2005. A refined mix of moderl and powerful rock songs featuring spellbinding vocals and sensational violin arrangements, Out Loud remains true to the band’s mantra “If we don’t like to play it live, it won’t make it on the album.” Their attitude is one that screams to let it all out, as loud and energetic as possible. Naio Ssaion were delighted to be invited by the German Band In Extremo to join them on their tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Band played in front of more than 50.000 fans in 23 cities and was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reactions of the audience. For Naio Ssaion the tour was “absolutely awesome” so the band was really pleased to be asked after returning back to Slovenia to support one of their favorite bands: Ill Nino in Graz, Austria.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Numedia 2004 – The first album by Slovenian band Naio Ssaion. So the words are in Slovenian, and I don’t understand a word of the language! Despite that, I found this album to be very beautiful. Despite not being able to understand the lyrics, I found the music to be catchy and fun while the female vocalist had a lovely sounding voice. The band reminds me of Evanescence, and it is coincidentally hailed as the Evanescence of Slovenia.
  2. Out Loud 2005 – The first album by Slovenian band Naio Ssaion to be completely in English. Needless to say, I was a bit relieved that this one was in English. I read some reviews on this one before getting it and quite a few of the reviews were very good while some where bad. I decided to give this one a try and I am glad that I did. The music is catchy, and I love the violins that this band employs! The female vocalist has a nice voice and more importantly, it seems like she’s having a lot of fun with the lyrics.

In Conclusion
I got their first album on a whim not at all realizing that the lyrics were in Slovenian. Despite that I liked what I heard and I kept thinking “I wish this was in English, I bet they’d sound good in English.” I got my wish with their second album, Out Loud, which is completely in English. If you like what is often called Alternative Rock or Nu-Metal and you like female fronted bands, then give Naio Ssaion (Nayo Say-yon) a chance!


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