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Forgotten Tales

Forgotten Tales

Forgotten Tales

Forgotten Tales is a Canadian Power Metal ban from Quebec City, Quebec which was originally assembled in 1999. Forgotten Tales got their start as a cover band, with the intent of covering power metal songs by their favorite European bands. As one of Canada’s only melodic power metal bands, they performed in front of sold out crowds. This culminated in an opening slot for Finish heavyweights, Nightwish in Montreal in November of 2000. At this point, the idea for an album of original material began to take shape. They distinguished themselves by having a female lead singer, Sonia Pineault, who possesses a strong, clear voice which gave them an extra edge to go along with their quality of music. On par with the efforts of European groups of their genre, the band went into Victor studios in Montreal in April of 2001 to record their debut album entitled The Promise. The album was released across Canada in October of 2001 to enthusiastic reviews. Forgotten Tales established themselves in the local scene in front of enthusiastic crowds opening for bands like Edguy and Gamma Ray. In 2003, the band entered Menso studios in Quebec City to record the material that would become their second album, All the Sinners, which was released to the public in August of 2004. This album expanded on their style showcased on The Promise, and Martin Deshamais continued to emerge as a skilled songwriter. The band continues to play shows and share their vision with power metal fands around Quebec. In 2005, the original drummer Cédric Prévost left the band and was replaced by Mike Bélanger. At the beginning of the following year, the band did the opening act three times for the Finnish power metal band, Sonata Arctica. On last August the band announced their new keyboardist William Simard who will take the place of the original keyboardist Frédérick Desroches.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. The Promise 2001 – The debut album by Forgotten Tales. Orchestral power metal with classical influences predominantly in the keyboards, grand melody lines and a very good female vocalist. Forgotten Tales manage to avoid some of the worst genre cliches with this album. The lead singer, Sonia Pineault has a rich and powerful voice and she is backed by talented musicians. The Promise is a nice debut album.
  2. All The Sinners 2004 – The second album by Forgotten Tales. The thick guitar sound is especially good in the father songs and is really enjoyable. They did an interesting job on the bass sound for this album, proving that they had no intention of copying their first release. Sonia Pineault’s vocals are as strong as they were on The Promise. Overall the album is catchy and enjoyable.

In Conclusion
I learned of this band from a friend and I have to say that I find them to be delightful and quite enjoyable. The music is very catchy and is a delight to listen to while I am doing projects in the house.


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