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Evenfall is a Gothic Metal band that hails from Italy. The band originally got together out of the ashes of the doom and death metal act Ressurecturis and has been in a constant state of metamorphosis ever since. Evenfall’s debut record “Still In The Grey Dying” was released in early 1999 and was heavily promoted all throughout Europe on a fifty-four date support tour with Dimmu Borgir and Dark Funeral. Whereas the first record by the band was still portraying a rather bombastic and atmospheric mixture of melodic Black Metal and some Gothic elements, it was obvious and predictable that the line-up of that time was in disagreement about the future compositions and presentation for Evenfall. Several member changes later, mastermind and Guitarist Ivan had managed to get together the right set-up to finalize the recording process for their second record, “Cumbersome”. Newly discovered female vocalist Roberta Staccuneddu deserves credit for the most remarkable musical upgrade in Evenfall with her relaxed and angelic vocal delivery that always works in refreshing contrast to Ansgar”s tortured delivery.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Still In The Grey Dying (1999) – First album by Evenfall. Catchy guitars and eerily haunting keyboards and dark moody growls. This album is a gothic metal or doom metal delight for those who like the growling vocals.
  2. Cumbersome (2002) – The second album by Evenfall. The first noticeable difference was the use of a female vocalist. This attracted me to the album to begin with. Here the female vocals mix charmingly with some strong death metal vocals. The music ranges from death metal to a more symphonic metal in certain tracks.

In Conclusion
I’m not sure what to think of this band. I liked some of the songs from Cumbersome, but I am not sure about their first album, I think it was just too dark for me. This band is certainly playing around with their style and trying to figure out what they want together as a band and that metamorphosis is apparent between their first and second album. I wish them luck and I think I may just be willing to buy a third album and give it a try.


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