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Ava Inferi

AvaInferi1Ava Inferi was formed in Almada, Portugal, by guitarist and songwriter Rune Eriksen known from such bands as Blasphemer and Mayhem. The idea behind Ava Inferi was to release and channel all frustration and misery that life sometimes brings, but also, and perhaps more importantly to give birth to an entity that could be used freely and independently. A portal to the never ending well of expression and creativity. As soon as the idea of Ava Inferi was put into motion, the formation completed itself quickly. Besides Carmen Simões (vocals), who was also a member of different Portuguese outfits such as Aenima and Poetry of Shadows, the other members, bassist Jaime Ferreira and drummer Joao Samora, followed shortly to complete the circle. Ava Inferi’s debut album Burden’s was released during January 2006. The title described the collective soul of the band at that time, with it’s clearly shaped influences referring to the past. The album was rooted in the essences of pain and fear, yet done with an embracing warmth and passion for their musical style, which further on earned them a good welcome from the press. In the Spring of 2007, vocalist Carmen laid vocals on the re-recording of “Under the Moonspell” from famous Portuguese band Moonspell. Ava Inferi’s new and stunning album The Silhouette was released in October of 2007.

Albums (That I Own)

  1. Burdens (2006) – The first album by Ava Inferi. Okay, so I am assuming that the intent behind the creation of this release was to make some sort of ominous yet haunting piece of atmospheric gothic music. I think they did succeed but unfortunately it bored me to tears. There were a few aspects of the album that I liked but for the most part it just seemed to drone on and on making me want to press stop on the music player.
  2. The Silhouette (2007) – Carried away by the doomsday laden riffs, haunting melodies and fado-like passages, “The Silhouette” brings you to cities in grief and weeping oceans. Carmen’s female voices are by far strong and passionate. Despite this, I think that this is an album that one must be in a particular mood to hear. Most of the songs flow very well together and it gives you a dark and bleak atmosphere. It’s a small step up from their first album, but a very small one.

In Conclusion
This band is a bit too subdued for their own good. Despite that there are aspects of this group that I really do like. They often remind me of My Dying Bride with a female vocalist.


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