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Fairyland is a French symphonic metal band. Originally called “Fantasia” the band was formed in 1998 after he met Philippe Giordana who had been playing keyboards for the band Absurd. The two musicians shared the same passion for epic and symphonic heavy metal and they soon began writing songs for their new joint project. They made a demo called “Tribute to Universe.” As time went by they evolved their style changing from classic heavy metal to more symphonic metal with fantasy themes. They recorded a new demo called “Realm of Wonders”, which had a great success in the underground metal scene. Many bands and some of the biggest musicians in the metal world helped them out with contacts and guidance, and that’s how they met the guitarist Anthony Parker, who was previously playing in the French band Heavenly. After a long time trying to find a label, they decided to record their first album all by themselves. They began recording in the “Wizard Studio” in February 2002 and the album wasn’t completed until November of the same year. The reason for taking that long was because they were finishing the composition of the songs while recording them. During the summer of 2002, in the middle of recording the album, Fantasia started looking for a singer, but not in an ordinary singing style. The only name that came to them was Elisa C. Martin, known from the successful Spanish power metal band Dark Moor. After a long time researching for labels, they finally signed with the Danish based Intromental Management, who already had great experience in managing heavy metal bands from around the World. Soon after Fantasia signed with the famous French label N.T.S., who among other great signings are known for having the band Adagio signed on their roster. The band changed their name to Fairyland and released “Of Wars In Osyrhia” in February of 2003. They followed up this successful album with “The Fall of an Empire” which was released in 2006. Every member of the band other than Philippe Giordana quit following the release of the second album. Giordana has chosen to carry on with Fairyland despite this. He has chosen to turn it into a project band that will feature various guests musicians and vocalists

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Of Wars In Osyrhia (2003) – Debut album by Fairyland. Ah fantasy themed symphonic metal! Shamelessly loud pseudo violins burst in on the keys before well mixed guitars kick in and the music builds to a swift transition to the first vocal segment. Then Elisa C. Martin of Dark Moor and Dreamaker fame begins to sing. I would have prefered a soprano but Elisa does a great job regardless of this desire.
  2. The Fall of an Empire (2006) – The second album by Fairyland. This album is not a carbon copy of the one that came before. Oh no! While “Of Wars in Osyrhia” was led by keyboards, this album is led by guitars. It is likewise marked by headier drum beats.

In Conclusion
I liked this band and I think it is sad that the other members quit, but I kinda look forward to seeing what Giordana can do with his guests musicians.


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