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Dreamaker is a Spanish Power Metal Band that was formed in 2003. Dreamaker begun when vocalist Elisa Martin, guitarist Albert Maroto and drummer Jorge Sáez left Dark Moor, in 2003, due to musical differences. They were soon joined by second guitarist Matias Sosa and bassist Carlos Peña and Dark Moor’s former keyboard player, Roberto Camús, who had left the band in 2002, offered to play with Dreamaker, but left the band in a short time and was replaced by Nino Ruiz. The band received a recording deal from Arise Records for two albums in September of 2003, and proceeded to record their first album – Human Device. It was released throughout Europe, Japan and in a few Spanish-speaking countries in early 2004. A Japanese tour followed in May and, while in the country, guitarists Albert Maroto and Matias Sosa recorded a video for Young Guitar Magazine. Dreamaker then recorded the album Enclosed, in March of 2005, introducing more electronic and mainstream elements into their sound.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Human Device (2004) – First Album by Dreamaker. The first thing I truly took note of from this album was the voice of Elisa Martin. She has a slightly course voice which at times almost passes for masculine. At first this took a bit of getting use to since I usually listen to alternative rock and metal bands with a soprano performer and she is more of an alto, but it fits marvelously with the music.
  2. Enclosed (2005) – The Second Album by Dreamaker. With this second album Dreamaker seems to have broadened their horizons by going beyond the traditional tennets of a Power Metal band. This album utilizes some more modern and at times heavier passages without completely stepping away from the band’s roots. Elisa’s voice seems to have more grit on this album. She seems to be having a lot of fun with the lyrics.

In Conclusion
The singing voice of Elisa C. Martin alone make it hard to place Dreamaker into the same category of many of the Power Metal Bands on the scene. Thus far Dreamaker has made a good impression and I am willing to buy another release of their’s as soon as one is available to me.


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