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Visions of Atlantis

Visions of Atlantis

Visions of Atlantis

Visions Of Atlantis is a Symphonic Metal band from Austria. Myths, old legends, tales of love and passion are the inspiration for Visions of Atlantis. Fascinated by the myth of Atlantis, Werner Fiedler, Mike Koren, Christian Stani, and Chris Kamper decided in August of 2000 to work on a concept inspired by the enigmas surrounding Atlantis. Later that summer Nicole Bogner joined the project and Visions of Atlantis was born. Their career began to take off in December of 2000 when they released their first recorded demo and performed a live premiere with Edenbridge. The reactions of their first demo were very good and soon the recording offers began pouring in. In mid August 2001, the band signed a worldwide deal with the German label TTS Media Music/ Black Arrow Productions, subsequently releasing their debut, Eternal Endless Infinity, in the summer of 2002. Once again, the reactions proved overwhelmingly good and Visions of Atlatis went on tour with Katatonia, Fintroll, Edenbridge, Nightwish, as well as performed at festivals throughout Europe, South Korea (The international Rock Festival in Busan, in front of over 20,000 spectators), and Latin America. In the summer of 2003, vocalist Mario Plank and keyboarder Miro Holly replaced Christian Stani (vocals) and Chris Kamper (keys) in time for the signing of a new recording contract with Napalm Records. In July of 2004 Visions of Atlantis played the Masters of Rock Festivals in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, sharing stages with metal legends Europe, Stratovarius, Helloween, and more. Their highly anticipated second album, Cast Away, was released on the November 29th of 2004. Simultaneously Napalm Records re-released a re-mastered version of the band’s debut Eternal Endless Infinity. The quality of sound was far better on this re-mastered version than the original and it featured new cover art. 2005 saw two new members join the band, Nicole Bogner left due to personal and professional reasons and was replaced by Melissa Ferlaak. Werner Fiedler left in early 2005 for similar reasons as Nicole and was replaced by Wolfgang. The band then concentrated on writing their next studio album which is scheduled for release in 2007. In early 2006, Miro Holly left the band as he felt Visions of Atlantis didn’t fit in with his new life anymore, which then enabled Martin Harb to substitute Miro on keys. Martin had already played with the band on their Mexican tour 2003. Their latest album entitled Trinity was released in Europe in May of 2007. It was released in the United States in June of 2007.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Eternal Endless Infinity 2002 – The band’s debut album. I can understand why they produced a remastered version later on. From the beginning it sounds as if the vocalists are in a consistent competition with the music. Nicole Bogner shows a great deal of promise though with her lovely and lilting soprano voice. This album is not a bad effort but the remastered version is no doubt way better!
  2. Cast Away 2004 – The band’s second album. It was a song from this album that first caught my insterest in this band. The female vocalist, Nicole Bogner, and the male vocalist, Mario Plank sang very well together. One of the things I like about Visions of Atlantis is that the vocals are a shared endeavor and not all the guy or all the girl. Every song is either a duet, the male lead with female back up, or the female lead with male backup.
  3. Trinity 2007 – The third album by Visions of Atlantis. This album features the band’s new lead vocalist, Melissa Ferlaak of Aesma Daeva fame. Mario’s voice sounds somehow richer and fuller on this album than their previous work. The songs are also a lot better. They still maintain the band’s creative symphonic metal sound, but also have some catchier choruses, some nice guitar solos, and some excellent drumming. All in all the new sound is fantastic and has more of the bombast that is usually expected of a symphonic metal band.

In Conclusion
Their website says that they stand for symphonic, bombastic metal that combines emotional lyrics with powerful metal engulfed in classical arrangements and melodies. Fast beats, heavy guitars and mixed vocal parts, the sweet female soprano alternating with robust male vocals that unite in achieving an outstanding mystic and symphonic experience. I am not so sure about a mystic experience, but I cannot argue that Visions of Atlantis are pretty good. With their latest album, they have grown to be within my ten favorite symphonic metal bands!


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