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Apparition5Apparition is a symphonic melodic metal band that was formed in January of 2004 in the United Kingdom. However, their roots go back further to 1997 when under the name Asphyxiator they wrote and recorded the song “The Pain Lives On”. This song was a departure from their usual death metal style. Dave Homer, the song writer and bass guitarist, wanted to start a melodic rock band. However this was not possible as singer Rebecca had moved away from the area and the rest of the band just wanted to keep “The Pain Lives On” as an experimental track. Asphyxiator later split in 1998. Then on New Years Eve 2003, while checking out a notice board in his local music store, Dave saw an advertisement put up by Jen, a local girl offering her vocal talents and keyboard/piano skills. Dave contacted her and after meeting they both knew that something special had been formed. After forming a few ideas and building the basis of a few songs Paul Collins, the drummer of the former band Asphyxiator agreed to join Apparition. Then Apparition sought a new vocalist and guitarist. After much time searching they welcomed Annabelle Harris and Rich Knight to the band. They were signed to Casket/Copro records in January of 2006 and their album titled “Drowned in Questions” was released in April of 2006. Apparitions music has been described by fans as being similar to that of Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, and Within Temptation. Whether the music is hard and heavy or soft and slow the most important thing in Apparitions style is the melody. Since the release of “Drowned in Questions” both Jen and Annabelle left the band in order to handle other affairs in their life. They were replaced by vocalist Fiona Creaby and keyboardist Ian Bentley.

Albums (That I Own)

  1. Drowned In Questions (2006) – The first album by Apparition. Musically speaking this album reminded me of such bands as Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil and to an extent Evanescence. Yet it had a mellow and ethereal feel to it. I would have been more impressed if Annabelle Harris, the lead vocalist on this album had chosen to stretch her vocal range a bit for she clearly has the talent and ability to do so. Because she did not, there was a monotony to the music.

In Conclusion
The band has potential and I would be willing to buy a second album if only to see if they have improved in their craft. Their first album while a bit monotonous in it’s mellow and ethereal feel is a perfect listen when I am in the mood for simple background music.


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