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Markize was formed in December of 2003 by drummer David Verbecq and vocalist Alina Dunaevskaya. For Alina Dunaevskaya the purpose of the band was to enjoy performing music and to rebuild a bond with her father, a famous composer who still lives in her native Russia. The two founders of Markize wished to make music not only for rock and metal lovers but in the hopes that everyone who heard their music would enjoy it. Soon after determining a direction for their music, they met Emilien Vincent a guitarist of great skill. They recorded a demo disc Poussières de Vie in August 2004. It was well received by musical critics and the public so the band set off on concert tours during 2004 and 2005. After a period of collaboration, Emilien Vincent left the group to devote himself to his personal projects. Thus Alina and David continue together to write compositions for their future album and to look for musicians who would be in real osmosis with their musical project. A time of consistent changes in the line up of the band continued to set back the recording of their album. The band finally became complete when Franck Chentrier and Nicolas Thomas, and a little later Gautier Blondeel joined the band. With this strong and stable line up, Markize was finally able to record their first album entitled Transparence. The band then gave a few concerts. One was held in Paris and they performed with Penumbra at Salle Curial. They also performed with Cult of Luna at La Locomotive. Transparence went on sale on the tenth of March, 2007. Yet again Markize received good reviews from both the musical critics and the public.Markize went on tour for the months of May, June, and July of 2007 to promote their new album. In August of 2007, Gautier Blondeel left the band to dedicate himself to his family life. After several auditions, Pierre Vo was chosen to be the new bassist for Markize.Concerts began again in September of 2007 and in October Markize took part in the Metal Female Voices Fest warm up show in Belgium. They were selected to play in the famous Metal Female Voices Fest for October of 2008. This is a great honor because it will allow Markize to perform with some of the most famous metal bands with female lead singers in the world.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Transparence 2007 – The debut album by Markize. With catchy lyrics and exquisite vocals, this is a fantastic album. I first heard of Markize when I read a music review and the band I was reading about was compared to a few other bands, and Markize was one of the names that stuck out in my mind. Curious, I looked up some of their music, found their official site and listened to the whole album on their site. It was marvelous and I bought it as soon as I was able! The guitar riffs are wonderful and they have more of a rock and roll vibe to them than an actual metal feeling. The guitars are fantastic as is the bass. Yet Alina’s voice is what truly draws one in. Whether she is singing in English, French, or Russian, she is a delight to listen to.

In Conclusion
I can already tell you that this album will stay in my player for some time to come. The music is fun, soothing, and truly catchy. I have found myself singing along with their first song Mon Ange and I do not speak French


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