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Eyes of Eden

Eyes of Eden

Eyes of Eden

Eyes of Eden is a German Gothic Metal band that was started in 2005 by multi-instrumentalist and record producer Waldemar Sorychta. He initially chose vocalist Sandra Schleret and drummer Gas Lipstick to join his band. Gas Lipstick would later leave the band and Sandra Schleret became ill and was thus unable to finish recording the album. The album then had to be recorded a second time with a new line up. The new vocalist was Franziska Huth a twenty year old at the time who had years of vocal training and had performed in numerous concerts which helped to make her perfect for Eyes of Eden.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Faith – 2007: This is the debut album by Eyes of Eden. I heard a few songs from this album on my space and I just fell in love with the song stylings. I knew then that I would have to get the album. Lucky for me, it was a Christmas present from my beloved. The music is mid tempo, with semi operatic vocals and choruses and soaring guitar riffs, and all of us know that I love the guitars!

In Conclusion
The catchy vocals of Franziska Huth along with the soaring guitar riffs and wonderful lyrics make this album worthwhile. I have truly enjoyed this album and find it difficult to stop listening to. I look forward to more from this group!


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