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Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny

The Germany Power Metal band known as Dawn of Destiny was founded in March of 2005. Five ambitious musicians started the band. They are of course lead female vocalist Tanja Maul, Bassist Jens Faber, Keyboardist Dirk Rackiewicz, Guitarist Veith Offenbächer, and Drummer Ansgar Ludwig. Each of these artists had worked with other bands before but this was the first time that they would work with a traditional power metal style. Dawn of Destiny started out playing gigs and has maintained an average of at least twenty gigs a year. They have supported Sabaton on their Attero Dominatus Tour. They have also sold out several festivals like the Dragonslayer Festival and the University Feast in Munich. After recording a demo tape in 2006 several labels contacted them to offer them a contract. The band decided to sign with Shark Records. In October 2006 Dawn of Destiny began recording their debut album, Begins, in Woodhouse Studio in Hagen, Germany. The album was mixed by Siggi Bemm. It was released in August of 2007. Their follow up album, Rebellion In Heaven, was released in August of 2008.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Begins (2006) – The Debut Album by Dawn of Destiny. It sounds like an alternative rock album mixed with power metal, and has splashes of death metal on a few of the songs. It’s an energetic album with good guitar rifts. The album is dominated by the operatic vocals of Tanja Maul. That said I must say that the few songs where there are growling male vocals grate on my nerves. Fortunately there are very few songs that have that and once I had a good feel for the album, I merely skipped over those songs to avoid the annoyance. Other than the growling vocals, I enjoyed this album.
  2. Rebellion In Heaven (2008) – The second album by Dawn of Destiny. It’s one of those albums that you like the more you listen to it. At first I was not incredibly impressed with what I was hearing but upon the second and third listen I was able to get into it more. Tanja Maul does a great job and is not afraid to play with her voice on this album going from operatic to poppy easily. The male growls that I disapproved of on their first album are back again, but this time they are well timed and seem to be there for a true purpose other than clearing phlegm from one’s throat.

In Conclusion
After hearing their first album I did not think this band was particularly special, especially with so many great symphonic metal acts out there such as Within Temptation, Nightwish, After Forever, etc. Yet their second album has changed my mind. There is marked improvement upon their second album that makes me hope for a third album by this group.


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