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Sengir is a symphonic melodic metal band with rock elements that hails from Belgium. After some unsuccessful experiments in other bands, Kris Scheerlinck and Jurgen Cobbaut decided at the end of 1995 to begin a band together. They named their band Sengir. Though a death and doom metal band at their beginning, their music evolved to a sort of melodic gothic rock metal. Sengir’s debut album was recorded and produced by Xavier Carion, the former master riffmeister of Belgium’s most heavy and successful Channel Zero. Thanks to Xavier’s years of experience at the top of the international metal scene, Sengir managed to create a new masterpiece in dark metal rock, and they called the album Guilty Water. Although the band was contacted by more than a handful of international labels, they decided to sign a worldwide deal with the ambitious Buzzville Records. In November of 2004, Sengir and Kris Scheerlinck decided to part ways. After countless auditions Frederick De Dobbeleer became Sengir’s new guitar player. In November of 2005 Sengir finished recording the follow up for their critically acclaimed debut album. The follow up to Guilty Water, entitled Sign of Devotion, was released on January 23rd of 2006. The band recorded the album together with producer Tony De Block at the Midas Studios in Lokeren, Belgium. Sengir consists of lead female vocalist Ellen Schutyser, guitarist Pieter De Lannoy, guitarist Frederik De Dobbeleer, keyboardist Wim Schockaert, bassist Olivier Roelandt, and drummer Bruno Goedhuys.

Discography (That I Own)

  1. Sign of Devotion 2006 – The second album by Sengir. Once I listened to this album from start to finish, I knew that this was a good band. It has it all. Beautiful female vocals, ethereal keyboards, driving guitar rhythms that combine perfectly with emotions songs that had a hard edge. Over all this album creates a mysterious atmosphere and is fantastic to listen to.

In Conclusion
This band reminds me in a great many ways of one of my favorite bands, Within Temptation. For that reason I was willing to pick up their Sign of Devotion album. I didn’t expect to like this band a great deal, but I have grown to like them very much. I especially enjoy listening to them back to back with Within Temptation or Nightwish. The musicians are quite good. The lead singer has a lovely voice, and she’s clearly capable of bringing the right sort of emotional quality to each and ever song on this album.


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